Most people get fussed about first-time sex. If you haven’t had sex before, coming to a decision where you fully want to do it is a great deal. For ladies, they are afraid that it will hurt when the hymen breaks. For men, they are afraid to under-perform during the act. After all, who isn’t scared of a new experience? It calls for calmness and boldness to have a successful encounter for the first time. Thus, I have compiled some tips below to ease your first-time experience in sex.

  1. Be ready

On first encounters, it is okay to feel overwhelmed. However, you must be sure that you want to engage in the act. Probably you have a lot of expectation. Remember that, even though sex is a physical activity, emotional connections come in handy. You should be ready for the consequences. You may feel detached from your partner, or it may bring you close after the experience.

Getting physically, emotionally and psychologically prepared is the key to a successful sexual experience.

  1. Find space

Peace of mind while having sex comes with a welcoming environment. Secure yourself a secluded place free from distractions. Ensure that your partner is comfortable with their surroundings.

  1. Do not over expect

As the common saying goes, expectations hurt. Do not expect expertise on the first encounter. Even though sex might seem too enjoyable, it takes the experience to enjoy. Thus, you may not reach your expectations within the first attempt. For the guys, they may fail to maintain an erection. And for the lady, it may get difficult to get wet.

  1. Foreplay

Before you make a penetration, it’s essential that you ensure that your partner is well turned on. Use your hands, lips, and tongue to arouse your partner. You can caress her breasts, kiss her lips, kiss her thighs and her clit. Fondle with her until you feel her pussy is wet. For a guy, the dick must be erect and hard to make penetration. Once she is well lubricated, you can do small penetration with the head of the penis. Observe her reaction to know if she is ready. If she is doesn’t get naturally lubricated easily, you can use a water-based lubricant to ease the way.

  1. Take it slow

You do not have to overindulge or rush things just to get over it. You can communicate to your partner on what feels good and what hurts during the act. Be lenient with your partner since sex doesn’t have to be painful, it should be enjoyed. By this, you will know if you are doing it right.

You can explore different positions to find which you feel comfortable. You can do with missionary, girl on top and the doggie style for the first time. You can always try it out for the first time with an escort from Eve London Escorts.